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HH ctrler misstriggering

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  • HH ctrler misstriggering

    hi, i have an issue with the goedrum hh controller. When i play the hihat with the foot pedal, often it randomly triggers the foot sound 2-3 times. I opened it and re adjusted the spring that has inside. It works for some time but then again it misstriggers. i applied vaseline in the plastic parts inside but no results either. Anyone has the same problem?

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    Not too familiar with your HH controller but with ROLAND HH controllers miss-triggering always occurs if the HH is activated or connected during the power up of the module or the Ctrl lead/jack is faulty.

    Try this:
    Ensure the power to your module is "Off".
    Even if the lead looks OK - Disconnect your HH Ctrl lead and swap it (I assume its a I/4" stereo jack type?) for a lead you know is OK (Perhaps use one from a trigger you know is working).
    Power up the module ensuring its "start up" sequence is complete before depressing the controller to see if the fault exists.
    If all works OK discard the suspect lead.

    To further check the suspect lead:
    Use a meter to check continuity - this should throw up any connector/soldering/broken cable.
    If that check is ok - connect to a stereo trigger pad (Not the controller!) too see if triggering is ok.
    If that all checks out I think that you could say that the "suspect" lead is OK and the fault lies elsewhere (Either the Controller or HH Ctrl settings on your drum module.)

    Hope this helps.


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      In addition too my previous:

      If leads are connected to a trigger or the module for long periods of time as in "home use only" the leads may be connected for days / months / years!) the connectors can lightly oxidise that will disrupt the signal. Also the sockets on the pad or the unit can lose the "grip" that holds the plug in place. Plugs then become "sloppy" and again lose connectivity.