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Integrating SPD-6 with TD27

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  • Integrating SPD-6 with TD27

    I got a td27-kv for my birthday from my wife (and it's a kit way better than my crappy beginner skills warrant). I have an old roland spd-6 percussion pad I used to use with my with my old acoustic kit and just ran it through a speaker. Other than that, I've never really done anything with electronic drums, or midi anything. I was hoping I'd be able to augment the td27-kv kit with some additional sounds (gong, whatever).

    I tried hooking midi out on the spd-6 to the midi in on the td27, and remapping the pads. That sort of worked, in that I was able to assign new sounds from the td27, but this also remapped the kit itself, which is not what I was looking to do. Basically, the pads on the spd-6 seem to duplicate an existing drums in the td27-kv set up.

    Also, I accidentally overwrote one of the default kits on the td27 since playing with the the spd-6 patch buttons selected a different kit than the one I was trying to edit. That was pretty annoying, but since the whole unit is brand new and I only had a few customizations, it wasn't a big deal to just reset to factory defaults and recreated my custom kit. At some point, I need to figure out how to back stuff up (sd card, I assume, but that's a newbie question for another day)

    The spd-6 is pretty old, and the manual is not helpful. I've seen some cool things on youtube, but mostly older demos (with a separate sampling unit besides), and nothing that actually helped. I’m wondering if this has to do with the channels and/or ‘notes’ for the individual pads/patches on the spd, but not sure. I’m a total midi newbie so I might not even have the terminology right.

    Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Unfortunately, the TD-27 doesn't support a Percussion Set, so you can only allocate an Instrument Sound to a Trigger (Pad) which has an associated MIDI Note assigned.
    If you set the SPD to send a MIDI Note associated with a Trigger, you will play the sound associated with that Pad, but you cannot configure an independent MIDI Note on the SPD and assign an Instrument to that MIDI Note, without assigning both to a Trigger.
    If you have any Triggers that do not have Pads connected, you could use those MIDI Notes on the SPD.
    You may want to assign the MIDI Notes of the Tom Rims on the TD-27 to SPD pads and assign different instruments to the Tom RIms. This will work, but whether you you hit the Tom Rim or the SPD you will get the same sound.


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      Hmm. Thanks for the input. What happens if I connect the SPD-6, not using the MIDI in, but instead either via a 1/4" Aux IN, or else USB trigger in (trigger 3, as triggers 1 and 2 are Snare and Ride respectively?)

      Alternatively, in order to get the result I'm looking for, not that I want to buy more stuff, but well, what other components might address this (i.e. external sampling unit or something).

      Thanks for your patience with a newbie.


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        if you dont want to buy more pads to use other trigger inputs, the next options would be open up spd-6 and re-wire the 6 pads on spd-6 to 6 1/4" jacks and then you'll have 6 external pads, connect these pads to whatever trigger inputs you have left on your td-27 .. i've done this with my really old roland pad 5 handpad and it works fine


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          hi, i am looking for the same question, just different modules. trying to play sounds from a 2box drummid 5 module to trigger2box sounds on td 50 pads. Can this be done with a midi cable then assign note numbers from 2box to td 50?If i assign the same note numbers . Will they not conflict with each other?Does this mean i need to set midi soft through to on? Do i also need to set rx in midi options to on aswell? Sorry to interupt this thread.Trying to play 2box sounds through pads on td 50.