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chaining 2box module to roland td 50

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  • chaining 2box module to roland td 50

    Hello trying to find outif i can trigger the 2box sounds on roland td 50, via chaining with midi cable?
    My situation is i am waiting for a creation station from sweetwater sound, but it is heldup for not having a working power source with in the new pc.
    So temporally i just want to be able to trigger the snares sounds through td 50 , mainly not needing to use a pc for this task.
    i am only running a i 3 with only 4gig ram.
    Meaning using any speed on my pc,will not cut it for this task.
    Is it possible to play sounds from 2box via midi to be able to use the digital snare for sounds on slave module?
    That really is all i want to accomplish ,until i recieve my new pc.
    I am allready aware of being able to import sounds via sd card, but i just want all dynamics from snares from drummid 5 module to be played through td 50 .

    Is this at all possible by chaining both modules via midi cable? I do not really want more pads, ect..
    Just want a way to play sounds from slave module through td 50 mainly on digital snare and digital ride , ect..
    Again, i am aware of the import function on td 50, problem is there are just only so many dynamics that are heard from that imported snare sound, from drummid 5 module.
    Can i just cut out the middle man, and play drummid 5 sounds through digital pads via midi?
    I thank anyone who can help me with this task on td 50.
    I also am aware of td 50 having no option for purccussion sets.
    If i can do this via midi, do i need to assign note numbers from 2box and td 50?
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    Don't see why not. That's what MIDI's for.....

    MIDI out of one into MIDI in of the other.

    Try it. MIDI cables are only $2.
    *** Never buy a module without MIDI IN ***
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      Ok. Thank you for your quick and very helpful response.
      I allready have amidi cable also on the cable has the usb aswell.
      could you give me some things or steps i need to follow in order to set note numbers and on td 50, once i get sounds from slave module.
      Will i still be able to hear and play sounds that are not midi on roland module?
      I am blind so i will have either my friend, or wife help me with this task.
      I am aware that the sounds from slave will not play or feel like defaultfeel and response, like from td 50 snares and sounds.
      I have connected midi cable from slave to td 50, before but not shure how to configure the 2box midi and td 50 midi, so i canplay sounds from 2box on digital pads.
      Maybe i can even be pointed to a specific link explaining on how to making this simple task to most others a little easier to understand?
      just cannot get past connecting both modules via midi.
      Then lost on what steps are needed to configure each module midi options for sounds.