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Trigger Cable quality

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  • Trigger Cable quality

    Is there such a thing as better quality trigger cables to purchase where there is a measurable difference in the way it triggers?

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    no not really as it transfers digital signal not audio


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      Originally posted by dwexotic View Post
      no not really as it transfers digital signal not audio
      Well, that's not exactly true. Signals from piezo elements inside the pads are analogue in nature, not audio but very close. I wouldn't go as far as using "audiophile grade" cables. I do think however, that if you use better quality cable, you will have less problems. I did have problems with cheap cables in the past. Problems with false triggering, intermittent connection, etc. As soon as I have replaced these cables with slightly better ones, all these problems have gone away. I can definitely recommend Chord, Classic series audio lead. Been using these for good few years now without any issues.
      Hope this helps...


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        Originally posted by dwexotic View Post
        no not really as it transfers digital signal not audio
        It's analogue, old chap.
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          Never thought about this but the output of a piezo is very small so susceptible to interference. A decent cable that rejects external interference should in theory be better. Definitely analog. You can send an audio signal to a piezo and use it as a speaker. They are used for buzzers etc.
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            There is cable are not compatible with module, they will randomly trigs as mistriggering, this problem are related to longer tips end which lead to unstable triggering.

            Sometimes things get all Jacked Up!

            I thought I would put this in writing. There is a problem that I discovered many years back between 1/4" TRS Jacks and Plugs when mixing brands. One specific example is Neutrik brand jacks and Hosa plugs. They just don't match up perfectly all the time. It is not every time, but it does happen. I started sending a tiny O-ring (008 is the size) with my Drum Conversion kits many years back when I discovered that. By putting that tiny O-Ring on the Hosa plug it keeps the Hosa plug from going in Too far which will cause all kinds of trigger problems, like not triggering rim when expected on a Piezo/Piezo pad, or triggering rimshot on head ..... general triggering SNAFUs!

            Now If you use a Neutrik 1/4" TRS Plug with a non Neutrik type cymbal jack .... like my own Stealth cymbal jacks for example and some other brands too .... Well that just doesn't work at all because the misalignment will prevent the cymbal from triggering at all, or at least will stop triggering due to the vibration while playing. The tip of the plug does not extend far enough into the jack to allow a proper solid connection that locks in.

            I discovered these Mis-match/mal-alignment problems back in 2006 when I had built a custom Stealth DW kit with Smartrigger cymbals for a very active corporate entertainment band. I originally set the kit up with Hosa cables and all was working great. They had a whole set of heavy duty custom cables built and used Neutrik plugs.the drums were working fine, but all of a sudden cymbals just weren't working....

            Figured it out then. Many of the deep panel jacks like are used in A to E conversions including my own fit into this post. They may not be Neutrik brand, but are the same. If using Hosa cables you "might" need the O-ring, Neutrik TRS plugs fit fine.I attached some pics of a few Neutrik 1/4" plugs and jacks and the Hosa 1/4" TRS cables many of us Edrummers are already familiar with as they do come with most edrums. The O-Ring I mentioned is the 008 size.

            Hope it helps, JmanWord


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              Cable quality MAINLY matters in professional touring, local gigging, and studio realms. Not so much at home. Usually not a lot of issues locally either. It’s all about being around much more gear and electrical interference... or just bad juice.
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                I’ve had issues with Hosa cables. I currently use Drum-Tec clear cables and have had 0 issues to date... Just my personal experience.
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