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Proper settings for the Yamaha DTX582K

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  • Proper settings for the Yamaha DTX582K

    Hi everyone,I recently (last Saturday) bought my first electronic drum kit, the yamaha dtx582k. I love the feel of this kit, but I'm having a few problems.
    First of all, the sounds are not that great. I've experimented a lot with the equaliser and the various settings of the module, but I couldn't manage to achieve anything really good imo.
    I also don't like the responsiveness of the kit. What I mean is that when I play something I don't get the exact sound I'm expecting. It might be that's the sound is too loud or too low, or maybe the sound itself is not the one I'm expecting and I get this a lot with the hi-hat and sometimes with the ride.
    I'm sure it's possible to improve these two aspects of this kit with the settings but since I'm a complete beginner with vdrums, I don't know how to do it, especially after these few days of experimentation with the settings.
    If some of you could share your settings or help me out figure out what to do and what to change, that would be awesome!
    Thanks in advance for any reply!

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    first, you need to setup your trigger sensitivities to your playing style, go through each pad and setup the trigger setting, crosstalk setting. you can also download dtx502 touch app for ipad and make the setting more easy


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      Thanks for the reply! I'm gonna check those settings later on! Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone/iPad so I can't use the app.. I didn't know it wasn't available for Android when I bought the kit unfortunately. I might ask my flatmate if she can hand me over her iPad though.


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        As for the sounds, they're great. And usable for both recording and playing live in huge clubs thru a 50KW PA. Yes, yes they are.
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          Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
          As for the sounds, they're great. And usable for both recording and playing live in huge clubs thru a 50KW PA. Yes, yes they are.
          agreed. dtx502 module have good sounds.


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            Sorry if I haven't replied sooner! I managed to change the settings to remove the problems I was having with the sounds triggering not properly and at the end I got used to the sounds of this drumkit and I actually like them now I was also having a problem with the audio output which I noticed only after having plugged in my phone to play along some music. The music was reverberating a lot, and so the drum sounds. I changed the audio output and that fixed it!