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Relative lifetime of roland TD module / brain vs. mesh pads

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  • Relative lifetime of roland TD module / brain vs. mesh pads

    The amplification circuit in my TD-12 module is failing, the module is now 11 years old so I'm guessing not worth repairing (I already had the LCD screen replaced a couple of years ago). I have the choice of buying a new compatible sound module / brain or replacing the whole kit. It only sees light use for practice, are the pads and cymbals likely to last 15+ years and thus it is worth me simply replacing the module?

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    i have no special knowledge about this, but ...

    the main parts on the mesh pads that will deteriorate are the heads and the cones, both easily and affordably replaceable. the cymbals should hold up as long as the rubber is sound, so a visual inspection should answer your question. i’ve had my td9 roughly as long as you’ve had your td12 - maybe a bit longer, and it sounds as though it’s seen a bit more useage than your kit tho probably in the same ballpark. i’m confident of getting another 5-10 years from all my pads with the possible exception of the cy15 which is showing some wear in one spot. i’ve never changed the heads and am about to change the cones. for all of the valid criticisms of roland, their gear is super reliable
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      Got pads that are over 30 years old that still work. (got electronics that are nearly 40 years old that still work )

      I'd swap out the module if you want - bit rubbish after only 11 years. Got a couple of Yamaha DTX Pros, for example, that are from 1999 and still 100% functioning and had nothing swapped....
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        Agreed that is t a long time. My sons td20 is fine and is older and my ddrum4 is much older and fine. I think age reliability of the top rolands is not as good as some would like to think. Plenty of problems with displays on the td12 and td20. No reports on td30 screens yet. Hope they are ok as I have one
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          I'm not sure what you mean about the amplification circuit in the TD-12. There isn't really an amplification circuit...

          Are you able to isolate the issue to different outputs?

          Is the problem with the Master Out? and if so, if you vigorously turn the Master Volumn knob 4 or 5 times, does it get any better?

          Is the problem with the Headphone Out? and if so, if you vigorously turn the Headphone Volumn knob 4 or 5 times, does it get any better?

          Potentiometers sometimes get oxydised and turning them vigorously cleans the contacts...

          If the problem is with the Master Out you can send all lines to the Direct Out ports in place of the Master Out... See P.76

          You can use contact cleaner to clean the TRS sockets to see if that is the problem...


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            I have been playing my TD6V since the end of 2006 with no probs. I bought a second hand TD8 about 6 months ago, just in case the 6 crapped out, but its still triggering fine.