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Roland TD-9: adjusting the volume of songs on USB stick

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  • Ericdrumz
    aha, that's cool.. ..
    but 'mp3gain' is still a handy program.. if you select files on usb stick you can level the volume of an entire usb stick in 1 pass..
    (say to 95 dB).. you can also use it to level out all volumes of mp3 tracks on your phone (for if you use 'shuffle' play a lot..)

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  • BarT
    SONG, INFO [F1], Song Volume: Increase from default 60 to max 100.

    MEMO: The audio file’s Song Volume and Type settings are saved
    to USB memory key when you switch off the TD-9’s power
    while USB memory key is connected, or when you save
    User Data (p. 56) to USB memory key

    TD-9 Owner's Manual, Page 37

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  • Ericdrumz
    you could try bumping the volume.. with mp3's that's just changing 1 bit .. could check this program http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/
    or try a prg called 'audacity' and export them louder ..

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  • Roland TD-9: adjusting the volume of songs on USB stick

    Today I got my Roland TD-9 SX which allows you to play songs in WAV format via your drum module from a USB stick. However the volume of the song is too low compared to the drums, so when I'm drumming along I can hardly hear the song anymore. Is there a trick to adjust this?

    Many thanks!