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KD-220 Trigger Head

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  • KD-220 Trigger Head

    Can anyone tell me is there a kit I can buy that can serve as a backup for my KD-220 trigger head side? I am concerned that if it fails I have no kick drum for a show. I saw something called a KD-A22 kit but not sure if that is just for conversion from an acoustic kit or if that IS the replacement kit even for the KD-220?

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    Buy a Triggera Bix. Keep it in your gig bag. Sorted.

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      I doubt you would ever have a problem with the KD-220, as it is just a Piezzo in the center, and so I would never expect it to fail.

      The KD-A22 kit can be used to replace the kick trigger electronics of the KD-220, as it is just a standard 22-inch, high-quality, all-maple acoustic bass drum shell, but would be cumbersome to carry around and time-consuming to change the head if you had to change it before or during a show.

      As Electrodrummer said, the Triggera triggers:

      The Bix or the Krigg

      The Bix is a beater with built-in Piezzo, so would just require a beater change.

      The Krigg is like the trigger of the KT-9 or KT10, and mounts under your kick pedal so is triggered directly by the impact of the kick pedal plate, would just require you to disconnect the Kick Pedal from the KD-220 shell, (perhaps remove the beater,) and slot in the Krigg.

      I have two early model Kriggs, and they have really taken a pounding and are still going strong.

      The Krigg is also great if you have complaints from the neighbors. The force produced is much less than that produced by the beater on the KD Pad and so does not reverberate through the floor. They solved my neighbor problem...

      Other alternatives might be:

      KD-7 - it requires a special beater to hit the pad, so would require a beater change

      or a KT-9 or KT-10


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        Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
        Buy a Triggera Bix. Keep it in your gig bag. Sorted.

        I used one of Triggera Bix that you recommended over the weekend with DW Kit over the weekend. Layered 2 kick sounds from SPD-30 and TM-2 with DW 22' kick. Sound good for dance music.