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Questions before buying a TD-17KVXS

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  • Questions before buying a TD-17KVXS

    (1) Is there a difference between a TD-17KVX and TD-17KVXs (I notice some vendor packages have an “s” at the end of the model name but other sites do not

    (2) If I purchase an additional cymbal trigger, would I be able to use 4 cymbals on this kit at 1 time?

    (3) With this model “Out of the Box” can I configure a Splash and/or China cymbal sound (or would I need to buy additional software for this?)

    (4) If I can have a 4 cymbal configuration, would I also be able to connect a SDP1 Sample Pad?

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    1. "S" has hi-hat stand
    2. Think there's one spare input "AUX". Beyond that, there's mucking around with "splitters" as there's no MIDI in for expansion.
    3. There's sounds built in[1]. Or simply download a sound you like off the Internet-thing,
    4. Connect an SPD1? That's a totally standalone instrument. No "connection" possible. Could could merge the audio output from the SPD1 into the TD17 audio in if wanted.

    I would suggest downloading the manuals if you haven't already.

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      You could probably connect the sdp1 audio out to the td17 so both sounds come out of the td17 if you meant that?
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        Back in August of this year, 2019 I purchased the Roland TD-17KVXS Kit from Amazon.

        The KVXS Kit does include the VH-10 High-Hat and Controller, but does not include the High-Hat Stand and Kick-Drum Pedal. Those must be purchased separately. This causes lots of confusion with prospective buyers. I purchased the TAMA Iron Cobra High-Hat Stand and Kick Drum Pedal. Other Brand and Models will work fine also.

        The TD-17 Module with this Kit has one (1) additional port that will permit you to use 1 additional Pad, Tom or Cymbal

        This is a very nice kit. As others have mentioned, download the User manual from the Roland Site and you will see exactly what exactly is included and how things can be configured etc.