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VH11 hi-hat triggers tom sound when toms are unplugged

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  • VH11 hi-hat triggers tom sound when toms are unplugged

    I am new to the forum and looking for a bit of help. I have TD-12 drum module I got from my drum instructor. It worked great for a year but in past month I have a problem. When I push hi hat peddle down it triggers tom sounds on top of the normal sound. I have unplugged all toms and other devices. Still same effect. The hi hat plays correctly when I unplug the hi hat control. Thus I can not isolate the problem further. Thus it is either the high hat control or the TD-12 module. I called Roland support but as it is a old product they did not want to offer much help or time. I did get out from them that the TD-12 has been known to have a trigger processor that goes bad which could create this issue. Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you fix it?

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    This is a strange issue. I would do a factory reset on the TD-12 and see if that fixes the problem. Keep in mind that you will lose and settings, custom kits, Etc. if you do a reset.


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      Kent50 I have attempted a factory reset, but it remains the same.


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        I had done two factory resets before with no luck but I appear to have solved my own issue but not sure exactly what did it. I also had an issue with the LCD that had some lines on it but were not a bad problem. I found a video where someone took apart the device and cleaned allow the ribbon cable connections. Thus I did the same. Took the device apart and cleaned every ribbon cable connection. There was little to no dust inside but I did wipe down the the board as it was a light film in a few spots. I also replaced the battery which reset the board. Put it all back together. The problem no longer occurs. When I hit the HH control I no longer get a Tom sound. Also the LCD screen now looks much better with no lines. I cross my fingers but I believe that either a cable might not have been seated properly or some oxidation or some dust was cause the problem. Now it works perfect. Thanks for the help and quick response. I let you know if it faults out on me again.


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          thanks for posting the solution vPAGv. too often people join, ask for help, then disappear, sharing their problem but no solutions. welcome to the forums
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