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Adding a pad and a cymble to my Yamaha DTXEXPRESS IV?

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  • Adding a pad and a cymble to my Yamaha DTXEXPRESS IV?

    i have yamaha dtx exprass iv.
    i want to add a pad 3 with zones and a cymble with 3 zones.

    i prefer it to by the as in my kit.
    but if theres better options id like to know.

    1. which pad and cymble models will you reccomend with the dtxexpress iv?

    1. how do i connect it? what parts do i need to buy in addition to the pad and cymble?

    2. what about a cymble stand? and a mount for the pad?

    4. will it automaticlly work with EZdrummer? or do i need to configure it?

    5. in ezdrummer theres a spot in my ride cymble that make a tom sound togheter with the cymbal sound
    how can i fix it?

    here are the options:
    but i cant figure out what to chose
    i didnt understand what the "input" mean in the pdf file

    here is the back of my kit:

    if any of you added, id like to hear how you did it.

    thanks guys

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    What is your kit right now?

    how many toms do you have, how many cymbals?

    what are the input ports on the back of the module still opened?
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