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AMP latency - any tips ?

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  • AMP latency - any tips ?

    Hello community,

    I would need your help and recommendation about AMP (with 5 speakers L/C/R/Ls/Rs) using with Superior Drummer 3 : I have currently an AMP latency issue when using Stereo 5 Ch.

    I have the following settings:
    -Superior Drummer 3 (using in standalone mode)
    -VoiceMeeter (to get at the same output sound from Superior Drummer 3 ASIO4ALL and YouTube video sound for example)
    -AMP Yamaha RX-S601 (5 speakers L/C/R/Ls/Rs)
    -Alesis Trigger IO

    My topology:
    Drum items<-–>Alesis Trigger IO<–-USB cable–->Laptop (ASIO4ALL)<-–jack cable–->Amp Yamaha (Aux)<-–>Speakers

    After several days to troubleshoot, I found that latency came from my AMP when I set Stereo 5 Ch using (quite surprised because I think it’s already a good amp :/).

    The only workaround found to get rid off latency is to use my AMP in "Direct sound" mode but I lose 3 speakers (limitation to 2 speakers L/R) :/

    How do you set up a config for 5 speakers without latency ?
    Should I upgrade my AMP model (if yes, which model would you suggest) ?

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    Check if the amp has delay features in it. Some do in case a screen has latency problems so you don’t get lip sync issues. Take a look through the manual. If it doesn’t have this feature then the processing for surround is adding latency and there is nothing you can do about it.
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      Thank you for the feedback, yes I have already checked the feature sync and it's already set to 0 ms.

      Is-there someone using 5 Ch stereo with Superior Drummer or another one, I'm curious to see an example of AMP model which works without delay ?

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        I guess the delay is to make sure video and audio are in synch when playing a movie.

        It might ba an internal setting ... most of the time, only the surrounds have adjustable delays.

        You might need to buy an audio card and use SD3 output routing to simulate a 5Ch surround setup.
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          Thank you for the feedback.
          In fact I think the issue is that Hi-Fi home studio is simply not designed for edrum sounds.
          So I would need an edrum amp like for exammple PM100

          Any idea how can I get :
          -sound from drums + YouTube input mobile : ok with a drum amp with 2 inputs
          -but if I want to play during night without speaker amp sound, only get sound from drums + YouTube input mobile (both connected to the amp) simply get sound from headphone, how could I proceed ? Should I get the sound directly from a jack on laptop for example ? Or maybe with some amp like Laney DH80 Drum Monitor ?

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