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TD-30 connecting an external drum module

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  • TD-30 connecting an external drum module

    Hello, maybe someone can help me, I would like to know if it's possible to connect an external drum module (in this case Nord Drum) to the Roland TD-30.
    My intention is to layer an additional snare sound while playing live the TD-30. If is possiible, what are the MIDI setting I should do on the TD-30 module? Many thanks.

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    If the nord has midi in then yes. Td30 midi out to nord midi in. You can change the midi channel the td30 sends on if you need to although if the nord is set to omni then it will receive on any channel. You can change the note number the td30 sends on but that may also be possible on the nord to change the note number for a sound.
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      There is a thread about how to stack instruments just using the Module itself and looping the MIDI OUt back in to the MIDI IN

      If you wanted to connect the Nord MIDI Out to the TD-30 MIDI IN to trigger the Percussion Set on the TD-30, then you can see my description of the configuration at the end of the TMC-6/TD-20 "How-To" Sticky

      I included references for the TD-30.