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How to send TD50 Footswitch MIDI to a MacBook Pro

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  • How to send TD50 Footswitch MIDI to a MacBook Pro

    I have two Boss FS-5U pedals connected to the foot-switch input of the TD50 module and want to send the MIDI data to the MacBook Pro.

    How do I do this?


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    Depends what "MIDI data" you want to send. What are you trying to achieve?
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      Just connect the TD50 to the Mac via USB.

      make sure you have Send Midi selected, and use whatever program you need.

      another option would be MIDIExpression inputs.

      They allow low you to configure any kind of pedal to any midi output you want. Pretty nifty.
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        I've got the TD50 connected to the Mac via USB and it's triggering Superior Drummer sounds perfectly fine. However, the Foot Control Switch doesn't seem to send a MIDI message to the Mac.

        I want to use the Boss foot switch pedals to change the backing track within Ableton Live. In which menu is the "Send MIDI" option perceval, I've been looking through the reference manual, but I can't find it.

        Is it possible to transmit the foot switch MIDI data to the Mac? Thanks for your help.


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          See Reference Manual P.45 and Data List Pp. 31-33.

          The TD-50 does not have a function where a Footswitch can generate a MIDI signal. Therefore, no footswitch function can send MIDI to the PC/MAC.
          The Footswitch also cannot he configured to send CC#

          You would instead need to configure a Trigger (maybe a KD) to send a MIDI Note to the PC/MAC. You could use a KD-7, KT-8, KT10, or maybe a Triggera Trigger to generate the MIDI Note.

          You can then set the MIDI Note for the Tigger as required on the TD-50, and configure the SW to act on the MIDI Note configured.