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ATV & Pearl Mimic Expert Advice required

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  • ATV & Pearl Mimic Expert Advice required

    Hi All

    I have recently purchase an ATV kit to use on my pearl mimic, I am having issues that i just cant resolve with mis triggers.
    It sounds like you just get the attack of note with sustain and release removed, Totally random and sometimes it wont do it for 1 minute or so and it pretty much effects every pad.

    Initially i had used it on my TD20 kit, The pads for that kit were 10 years old and although i had no issues with a Roland brain the sensors must have been worn because it was unplayable. I involved Pearl in the conversation but they were uttely useless and thought it was the unit and so that was replaced but at the same time I upgraded to the ATV kit so never tried the new mimic on the TD20 pads

    I have done the following

    2 x Pearl Mimic Brain
    New ATV kit
    Brand new cables, Neutrik Right Angle TRS to Neutrik Straight TRS (module end) and VDC Mic Patch cable ( my old cables from the TD30 were definitley worse, I have read there may be an issue with the length of the barrell ) All TRS cables though

    It is considerably better although not eradicated, I have been through the guides from this site in detail adjusting every single parameter just to make sure i havent missed something , Its difficult though because its so sporadic..

    Does anyone have an insight i am missing??

    Thanks in advance

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    not sure if you are having cable issues , i did with my old roland td20 cables i had to use 3/16" inner diameter and 5/16: outer diameter o-rings on the plugs of the cables and fixed it. some cable plugs are a tad bit longer hence is why the issue i had. make sure they are pushed in all the way in the module, if it is miss triggering, pull it out a tad bit and see if it improve.
    if so the o-rings are the fix.
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      sounds like that -


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        Mr Boo

        it absolutely does! Itís the only thing that makes sense!

        Crazy because I has several people from pearl involved and they were all scratching their head and dragging their heels with no resolution and in the end my dealer just replaced out of frustration with them.

        thanks for the info, I will chase it down with my dealer again.