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Roland TD-50 Windows 10 Driver - Offline Install

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  • Roland TD-50 Windows 10 Driver - Offline Install


    I have a Roland TD-50 attached to a PC that has dual boot. I use Windows 10 on both dual boot options:
    Option 1 is "Internet PC" connected and is setup to be secure. I use this Windows for browsing, email and other internet activities
    Option 2 is my Music PC - On this Windows I have my DAW and other music software. There is no network, firewall, antivirus and is configured to be lean, fast and stable. (I manually update drivers, Windows OS and Application Software as and when I have a need).

    I have installed the Roland TD-50 Driver on my "Internet PC" without a problem. I works fine. It is automatically installed over the internet if the TD-50 is turned on and configured.
    I cannot install the same driver on my "Music PC". I have looked on the Roland web site:

    This page (above) lists the Windows 10 driver but only has the option of downloading a HTML help file NOT the driver...

    I have contacted Roland UK and asked the question via the Roland support website. I received a reply from a Product Specialist but he provided the HTML help file NOT the driver..... When I replied to his email I did not get a response.

    Has anyone managed to obtain a full offline driver install file or managed to extract all required files from an online install?

    Thanks for any help