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Yamaha DTX900 module - stacking voices - what am I missing?

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  • Yamaha DTX900 module - stacking voices - what am I missing?

    I've just upgraded from a cobbled-together DTX kit (started with the DTXpress IV and upgraded over the years) to a shiny new DTX920K. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around the instructions for layering voices. It was a much more intuitive process on the 500 and 700 modules.

    All I want to be able to do is layer a tambourine hit on top of the regular HH foot close voice. I can get to the STK function, but the instructions for how to add the additional voices are really hard to figure out. Apparently, instead of choosing the actual voice you want to stack, you have to know the internal MIDI note for the voice you want? But the documentation doesn't provide a table of MIDI notes for the voices, and it seems impossible that the hundreds of individual voices in the module can be distributed across just 88 MIDI notes?

    I feel like it's way harder than it should be. Does anyone have experience with this?

    Thanks for any assistance you might be able to offer.


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    What you do is to map a MIDI note to a voice within a kit. Then add that note to the stack.

    Page 64 of the basic manual:

    Drum Voices and MIDI note numbers

    "One important thing to understand is that separate Drum Voices are assigned to MIDI note numbers when using the Stack/Alternate function (page 86). While you may not need to pay attention to MIDI note numbers when using other functions, using the Stack/Alternate function requires that you set the MIDI note number instead of the Drum Voice.

    For the currently selected Drum Kit, you can confirm which Drum Voice is assigned to each MIDI note number in the display called up by pressing the [DRUM KIT] , [F2] VOICE, [SF1] SELECT buttons in order, setting the SOURCE to MIDI, then selecting a MIDI note number on the “NOTE NO” column. From this display, you can change the Drum Voice assigned to the MIDI note number...."

    So, pick a MIDI note, say, 80, map one of the loads of tambourines to it, save, then add that to the stack on a trigger.
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      the stacking function for yamaha is very nice feature but so many steps to get to it :P and you have to do for each pad inputs for your drumkit


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        "Copy" a kit as follows:

        1) Change something on one of the preset kits. I typically hit VOICE, then the pad, then change the voice assignment.

        2) Hit STORE.

        3) Then navigate to a User Kit, hit ENTER twice.

        Now you have a kit to edit.

        1) Press KIT, make sure you're on your User Kit, press MIDI, then hit the pad you want to layer.

        2) Make sure Message Type = note (pg 34, Step 2 of the manual).

        3) Press ENTER (pg 34, Step 3 of the manual). Make sure "Mode = stack" for the time being.

        4) While you're still on the MIDI 1-1 menu where "Mode = stack" is still blinking, hit the /\ \/ arrow so that the actual Pad Number is blinking. Then hit the > arrow once or twice until you get the letter "A" (upper right hand corner of the menu display) blinking.

        5) Hit the PLUS key to bring up the letter "B". The menu display should now show "Note = off". Hit the \/ arrow. This brings up a series of MIDI Note Numbers. THIS IS CRUCIAL: Pick a MIDI Note number that is NOT in parenthesis and doesn't have an asterisk after NOTE.

        6) Press the VOICE button and scroll around until you find a voice that will be assigned to Layer B of this pad.

        7) Press STORE, then press ENTER twice.
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