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dtx multi 12- how to add extra content/sounds/update?

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  • dtx multi 12- how to add extra content/sounds/update?

    i'm referring to the sample update that yamaha has on their website, for the acoustic and electric kit sounds. there's plenty of info on what they are. but nothing explains how to install them. i looked around and found a few methods for checking your firmware version, updating your firmware, but no procedure for loading these sounds. would really appreciate some help, because i can't figure out the interface and i'm not sure if there is some secret boot-up procedure like when you install firmware, etc.

    i also updated my firmware from 1.2 to 1.10, and now the app doesn't work anymore. yay. one more thing to figure out. i was hoping to use the app to install the update, but now that isn't going to happen.

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    did you check out this link ?


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      i did! it took me forever to figure out what went wrong. what finally seemed to fix it was letting the dtx multi 12 format the usb first. then i went back to the computer and moved the file over. it had made those files on the flash drive before, but no matter where i put the file, it wouldn't work; i ended up copying it to the root and every single folder just to be sure. nothing.

      anyhow, it took a long while to load (2-3 minutes, at least) so i got a little worried. thought something went wrong, but it finally ended, and now i have several new acoustic sets to play with. early returns suggest that they are better than the stock kits, with much better options on hand. i really like the expanded cymbal selection. i'm not sure these are better quality sounds than the standard ones, just tuned better. it'll be fun to mix and match with these to make a few custom kits, but the standard choices aren't bad. not sure i'd record with these, and i doubt they are better than what i have in ez drummer, but they are more fun to just play. i guess they are close enough if you wanted to do some live work, too.

      haven't tried the electronic one yet. don't have a real need, aside from vague curiosity. but i think it would overwrite the acoustic kit, and i don't really want to go through the hassle of installing and reinstalling.

      got the app going again (had to reset the midi to usb again) and that'll come in super handy when i start making custom kits, and mapping all the extra triggers and such. when all that is done (and it is work, believe me), i'll have a fun and useful little setup. if i can break the final frontier and use this with ez drummer 2, i'll be the cleverest person alive. but if that doesn't work, i'll still have something neat, which i was a little dubious of at first. ordered a usb to 1/4" cable so i can hook up my phone and play along to stuff; that'll be fun, too. excited about that. i got this because i needed something compact and expandable for work, primarily (recording midi) and play (jamming along to songs, writing music, hand percussion, funsies) and i'm half way there. quite and ordeal but it seems to be paying off now.