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Best headphones for V Drums

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  • Best headphones for V Drums

    Headphone recommendations? Need for a Headphone amp?

    I recently purchased a $400 Sony 1000xm3b (noise cancelling) and was very let down. The headphones sound distorted, especially when hitting cymbals and bass drum and the volume is so low I can hear myself hitting instruments Iím not sure what is going on, I have fiddled around with various settings but the fact remains - my 6 year old beats and cheaper headphones sound 100% better on my TD17.

    Why is this? Itís wired, on battery and doesnít sound like a $400 set would cost.

    Can you please recommend either a set of headphones that crank up the sound and sound great (like my old beats).

    Would a headphone amp amp solve this problem?

    the headphones sound great on Spotify and other music players itís just my TD17.

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    Playing the drums is much more dynamic and if you have played acoustic drums you tend to like them quite loud. Do a search as there is a thread where everyone recommends their favourites. The ones mentioned most are the beyerdynamic dt770s. I have a set of these as my 2nd pair and can verify they are great for edrumming and can be had reasonably cheap. I donít know how good the td17 headphone out is though
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      I've gone through quite a few pair (eBay was my friend). For me the ATH M50's are my favorite which also receive many positive reviews both here and elsewhere. Headphones can be a very personal thing.

      Here's a sticky regarding headphones.

      Good luck - keep us posted. . . .


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        I have used Audio Technica ATH M30x for a couple of years now. I have used ATH since 2006. I bought the Roland ones but I wasn't impressed.


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          I use Shure SE-215 in-ear monitors but if you're definitely after headphones then I also have ATH-M50s which I rate highly (and offer decent isolation for over-ear headphones).
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            ATH-M50Xs. Done.

            I wouldn't use sound-cancelling with e-drumming.
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              I can concur that the Sony 1000XM2 is really disappointing from a sound quality perspective, even used passively only. So I only use it for travelling.

              Btw. there is a sticky thread dedicated to headphones, might want to check that out.
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                AKG K271 are amazing, also relatively affordable.
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                  I have the AKG 271 MKII.

                  For the price they are very good, but even with the leather earmuffs, they do let in a lot of stick noise.

                  Plus, I live in a place that is hot and very humid.
                  My ears get so hot quickly.

                  Best thing for me are IEMs. They block out stick noise, and let me lower down the volume, saving my hearing.

                  BTW, Alan just reviewed a pait of IEMs for $40 that might be something to try for many who have been put off by the price tag of some of the IEMs out there.

                  Check it out!

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                    Thanks all for the advice! Thanks for the links.

                    I ended up getting a pair of ATH-MSR7, were a tad more expensive but they work great. I sent my partner in to buy 40xís, came home from work to find these. High resolution. Impedance: 35, Drivers: 45, Sensitivity: 100db. They sound pretty great but will test them out properly tomorrow.

                    Cheers again, now my next step is finding the best audio interface for TD17 use only.

                    Peace out. Alexi - MEZEMUS


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                      Update: The Headphones are very bright, lots of clarity and uniqueness in the bass. Not a heavy bass load though, but it makes up for it with the fine detail of bass.

                      Also, Iím not sure how I missed it but in the other settings there is a volume section to increase the kit volume. On 6db+ I only need the headphone volume on 45% for it to be perfect, higher than 60% is just too loud, no distortion.

                      I also found in the TD17 specs that Roland recommend headphones with 50-150 impeadance. Can anyone vouch for these specs as Iím now looking at headphones with a 16-32 impeadance like berringher or voda m.