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2box drumit module performance and recording

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  • 2box drumit module performance and recording


    I'm going to buy 2box drumit module. Does anybody have this module and want to share with me thoughts after playing with it ? Does it meet your expectations? Is it possible to record small bits of your playing just to check your timming? Like on Rolands modules.How do you record it on computer also?

    Sorry if that's thread is somehow duplication, but i cant find any regarding 2box overall performance.

    I'd appreciate your help.

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    you could record onto computer with this : and also generate rhythm track(s) / metronome..
    for info on 2box you might want to go to 2boxforum (google)
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      Thanks Ericdrumz for quick answer! And link also.

      Are you recording midi or audio using your 2box?


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        The 2box doesn't have coaching features like other modules, but it gives you the liberty to load any sound you want, multilayered, not only one shot samples useful only for claps and electronic sounds.


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          Originally posted by K3NH View Post
          Thanks Are you recording midi or audio ?
          i only use midi for note numbers, triggering .. never for recording > ever..

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            Walkinded, that is one of the reasons why i decide to buy it. And I think it could be the reason to make decision to finally start recording audio from the brain instead of midi notes(no latency issues?, improved stability, etc.) Because you are able to put vst in to the brain. What is your thoughts about that?

            Thanks for your input in conversation.


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              Just in case you haven't found it yet ..... there is also a dedicated forum just for 2Box:
              I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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                Hi, I know that forum, but i am curious if there are some people who had previously Roland modules and ended on 2box?


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                  Anyone else who has 2box? Hmmm...


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                    I have had TD-6, TD-9 Modules in the past, have today couple of MegaDRUM Modules...and also Drumit DI5 and DI3. It works great to record midi. The latency is around 3 ms when using trigger to sound...probably faster when going over midi. It is legacy midi...not usbmidi which makes it a bit more complex to need a sound card with midi available to be able to record in Logic Pro X. I picked 2box for the freedom with an open system with multilayer sounds when playing live and the fact it is from Sweden! (Like ddrum, toontrack, Addictive Drums...and me!)

                    best regards

                    Anders /

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