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batter side bass drum tension rods loosening - cause or fix?

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  • batter side bass drum tension rods loosening - cause or fix?

    let's try this again, it's not overly technical but it does concern hardware, but not really e-drum products...

    the tension rods on the batter head side of my converted PDP kick drum keep loosening for some reason. I don't recall this drum ever doing it in the past, but it's doing it now.

    i've read a couple suggestions on other sites of possible fixes, but i was wondering if anyone here has encountered this issue and figured the causes and/or fixes for it?

    suggestions i've seen so far
    - spray blue threadlocker on the rods before tightening
    - bit of vinyl tape before tightening
    - add locking washers
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    Maybe try some tension / lug locks? I would try and go that route before I used thread locker personally. Or maybe some plumbers pipe tape on the top threads of the lug - just before you hit tension on the head.... both options should be easily removed if you needed to try something else
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      yeah, teflon tape.. i could add some more .. a brass counternut on the thread (lock against lug)
      and i've made leather tension rod washers (with a hole punch 5mm 10mm) for die cast snare hoops (rimshots)..
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        Are we talking an Acoustic kick drum here. I have never heard of this problem before. Yea as suggested, Teflon tape wrapped around the threads will tighten the thread fit. My old Premier kit had low profile die cast hoops on all the drums but I never had this problem on any of the drums.


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          I've had this issue recently with a snare drum. I'm not sure if it's worsened by mesh reducing the tension but one thing I've read is that if there is no lubrication in the tension rods the energy transferred from a stroke has nothing to absorb it so manifests as tension rod rotation.

          Recommendation is to apply some lubrication (such as white lithium grease) to the tension rods which in theory absorbs the energy and so it's not transferred to the tension rods, which (ironically) stops them from loosening.

          I've just followed this advice (after stripping existing grease with white spirit from both tension rods and lug inserts) and so far no problems, but it's a bit early to make any conclusions yet.
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