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Triggering issue on edge of Cy-8

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  • Triggering issue on edge of Cy-8

    I bought a used Roland CY-8 cymbal to use as a china recently and while the bow works fine, I'm missing a lot of triggers on the edge (maybe 15% of the hits are not detected). I opened it up just to see if there was anything lose but everything seems to be fine. Is it just a common issue with the CY-8, or is there something else I could check?

    I also noticed that a lot of the missed triggers occur when I'm hitting it simultaneously with the snare. I plugged the cable on my CY-14 to test it and it's triggering fine in the same scenario. Weird. Maybe I'm imagining things.

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    Thatís pretty common on a CY-8. Check YouTube for the fix. Tiny crumbs of rubber get built up inside the edge of the cymbal that causes the missed triggers and also affects the choke. While youíre in there, you can check the wiring to the jack and install a 28 mm piezo. They are cheap. UFO drums has them with the wires already attached. Good luck!
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