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dtx multi 12 mounting screws/bolts- what size?

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  • dtx multi 12 mounting screws/bolts- what size?

    sorry to make a new thread about this, but i thought it would be best to make this separate from my ongoing saga in case someone finds it useful down the line.

    i ordered a stand and a mount from kraft music- the ones that they would normally bundle with the dtx. i purposely avoided the yamaha ones because that ball and stick thing they use is way too flimsy for something as big and heavy as a multi 12. but the piece that mounts to the bottom of the dtx doesn't come with screws. which is kind of the secret to mounting things. after exchanging some emails, it turns out that yamaha does ship screws with the multi 12, but those were long gone by the time i got my hands on one.

    so, if anyone out there should happen to know:

    -what size are the bolts needed to mount things to the bottom of a dtx multi 12?
    -can they be found commercially/locally?
    -would they have to be ordered from yamaha, and is that something they actually provide?

    please and thanks.

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    didn't find any info anywhere, so i just toted the thing down to home depot and spent a solid 40 minutes there trying to wedge things into the multi 12. here's what worked:

    m5-0.8 x 14mm

    these are metric. don't bother with standard, nothing worked past a certain point. i went with machine screws (pan head phillips) because pickings were very slim for metric, and i had to settle for whatever fit. i guesstimated the 14mm and it seems to work well with the gibraltar sc-emmp module mounting plate that i'm using. seems steady so far. keep in mind that the length of the screws or bolts you need may vary on the thickness of the mounting plate you use and the amount of clearance you'll need for that. the gibraltar was thicker than i thought and i was lucky to have picked up two pairs of screws at 10mm, 12mm and 14mm, so i wouldn't have to make another trip.

    hope that somewhere down the line, this info saves someone some headaches.