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New Pearl Mimic Pro; set-up questions

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  • New Pearl Mimic Pro; set-up questions

    Hey, just got a new Pearl Mimic Pro. Super stoked to try it out, but I have a few quick questions:

    (1) Software version is shown as, dated 11/05/2018. Does this mean that I have the most up-to-date instrument list uploaded, or do I still have to go to the Pearl site and download those 7 files, etc.? I also see a library supplemental file dated 10/2017 ("Reference Toms") - I would think this would be pre-loaded into a November '18 build, right?

    (2) Just playing around, trying to load a DW maple kit. So far, so good on kick and toms, but I see zero DW snares in the list. Seems weird that they would have other drums by them but not a snare - am I missing something?

    (3) Finally, besides the official instrument library, are there any "must have" libraries from a third party? I've seen the V Expressions stuff, and the Unofficial Pearl Mimic page (although that lists a pack of "presets," not sure if that is more instruments or just trigger presets?). Anything I'm missing? I'm kind of surprised drum-tec doesn't offer their Live Sound stuff like they do for TD modules.

    Thanks for any info - excited to be here!

  • #2, is the factory latest yes. Don't download anything on 7 files these are default backup files, reference and cowbell should be in your module, just see reference toms it's dark blue on toms section, and should have a cowbell in the percussion categories. There is only preset at the moment, until Pearl release new instruments, free\ payware.
    Last edited by Chris K; 08-12-19, 03:35 PM.