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TD-17KV Crash/Aux trigger please.

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  • TD-17KV Crash/Aux trigger please.


    I am using TD-17KV, and I recently bought a CY13R ride cymbal to add to my set.

    I also bought VH-11 for authentic hi-hat, which leaves me with two extra trigger pads..CY-5 that used to be used for my hi-hat, and CY-8 that used to be my ride.

    I thought it would serve me perfectly as extra cymbals for my set.

    I tried connecting them with mono cable to my Crash 2 and AUX input, but the problem is that it doesn't trigger the cymbal edge..

    I tried to change the cable to Stereo Cable with two black stripes, but the problem is still the same.

    What kind of cable must I use to be able to use all features of the cymbal?



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    You must use a TRS cable. Not sure what "stereo" cable you tried but this is the type:
    Crash 2 input should already be set to a cymbal sound. Both inputs should be set to the type of pad you are using in the Trigger section of the module.
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