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TD-20 snare, bass, and cymbal doubling win midi

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  • TD-20 snare, bass, and cymbal doubling win midi

    I wonder if you guys can help me some? I seem to have a problem with my Roland TD-20 getting the midi into the computer. I bought the set in about 2004. Never has had upgrades. I get some of the triggers in there but sometimes a hit on the snare and the bass and cymbal are doubled. There is a slight lag. The hi hat does not go through either. I am using a midi cable out of the back of the unit that has a USB at the other end. The midi cables are about 10 foot total in length. It then hooks up directly to my windows computer. I am running Studio one version 4. I am thinking I may need an interface and new cables. I am not sure the firmware in my TD-20 can handle what it has to transmit. The set is 6 drums with a hihat, and three cymbals. One of the cymbals is a ride that has 2 cables coming out of it. I have a Behringer FCA 1616 and the set works fine through it when I record analog but the sounds I am getting with midi are awesome and want to get that hooked up right. Have not had luck getting the midi into the computer going through the 1616 but have the new cables coming and hope that will fix it. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

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    Sounds like you have to adjust the recieving side for td20 mapping, and to adjust the module for less double triggering. The firmware you have is capable enough to transmit all midi data, just the two sides have to use the same rules. Using the soundcard should eliminate lag (to a degree, depends also on the drivers and the computer's capabilities). I'm sure there's plenty of threads about this here, maybe someone could throw in a link?
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