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Upgrading TD-20 to TD-25

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  • Upgrading TD-20 to TD-25

    What are peopleís opinions on replacing a TD-20 module for a TD-25 on a TD-20kv setup?

    4 Tom pads
    1 snare pad
    3 cymbals pad
    and kick drum pad.

    Now I know I will loose a lot of functionality that the TD-20 but, itís now old and little bit outdated. Having played a TD-11 a lot Iím used to the newer sounds for the Roland line up. Hereís what I can deduce from my research, but I would like your opinions.

    *Yes. I know I should probably get a 30 or 50 module. But Iím looking at more cost effective solution.
    * For home practice, I donít use any outputs/inputs the TD-20 has other than phones and mix in.

    The cable snake on the TD-25 (I believe) will support everything bar the extra crash and tom pad. However, the module has an extra aux and crash 2 input which solves this problem.

    • New sounds
    • New tech
    • USB to computer hookup.
    • supports positional sensing on the TD-125 and 109ís
    • Cable snake and no more spare inputs for upgrades in future.
    • VH-12 not fully compatible (from what I found on other threads some of pressure trigger isnít supported)

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    Opinion? Keep the TD20.

    TD20 = MIDI in and out and no cable snake.

    "new tech" isn't really a "pro" - at the end of the day no punter will ever know any difference.
    "USB"? Just use a MIDI->USB box
    "new sounds"? Let's face it, most drummers seem to want to recreate a 30 year old acoustic and leave it at that. If you want other sounds, MIDI on a sampler or computer

    (well, you did ask!)
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      I played the TD-25 and thought it sounded great. Substantial in build as well as sonically. I liked it better than the TD-17KVX. For what it's worth.


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        I think it's all a matter of personal taste and type of use. I tried the TD-25 and TD-50 and I didn't like those sounds, I like more the TD-17 sounds, but the only module I would like to have to replace my TD-12 would be a TD-30. Other than that I agree with electrodrummer. BTW what do you mean with TD-125 and 109? PD-125 maybe? AFAIK any PS based pad should work with any PS based drum module, so also with the TD-20.
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          It sounds like the TD-25 is a good solution for you. If you like the sounds, it supports your kit and is cost effective then it's a win-win. I like the simplicity of the internal sounds for practice as well. I have used Superior Drummer and the sounds are amazing. However, I like to just go in and turn on the module and play. I would keep the TD-20 module around though as you never know when you might want use it.


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            TD-20 to TD-25 is not an upgrade. Just use the td-20 to trigger VSTs.


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              Yeah not a step I would take
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                Thanks, all interesting responses. As redtide said personal taste. Personally I donít like the TD-20 sounds (coming from playing a TD-11) no matter how much I fettle with the options, sounds and sizes I canít get it to sound right, to me.

                I think the sensible option here then is to go TD-30 or TD-50. VST - not my thing I just want to play a drum kit not setup a computer as well. - and no, I canít play an actual drum kit so has to be electric.

                So, new question. 50 or 30? I guess this has been discussed to death on this forum. So Iíll go rummage for those posts.