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TD-12 trigger sensitivity

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  • TD-12 trigger sensitivity

    Hey guys,

    Recently setup my TD-12 after probably 3 years of not using it and the triggers are pretty messed up. some i have to hit super hard to get a sound and on one of them the channels are somehow crossing and i'm getting rim sounds out of the center of the head. The toms are all PD-105s, while the snare is the slightly larger version. I took them all apart, cleaned out any dust with a can of compressed air, washed the heads lightly with warm water and light soap, and when i put them back together and tightened all the heads back down, they're a little better, but still not what they used to be. Do you guys think i need to change out the piezos and cones, or just the cones? I was reading some places that say you should do both for sure, and then other places where people have said the piezos really shouldn't ever wear out. Curious to hear opinions here, and any recommendations, as i feel to be a somewhat novices at knowing any inner workings of these drums.

    I had stored all the drums in my closet so they weren't subject to any harsh environment or anything.

    Thanks for any advice in advance.