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TD-50 output to sound board/subs

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  • TD-50 output to sound board/subs

    I am a drummer, who just recently purchased the TD-50 module and my sound guy asked me if it is possible to separate the kick and possibly the floor tom's signal, to the board as a separate signal from the remainder of the drums. Ultimately, he wants to push the kick and only the kick (and floor tom potentially) through the subs, but everything else through a different channel. I must admit, that I am not sound savvy and I don't even know the terminology enough to even do a simple search. We have a top notch sound system, and powered Cerwin Vega subs if that helps.
    I have only had the TD-50 for one day, so I have not idea of its capabilities. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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    Direct Outs. It's in your manual.... but they will not carry the master EQ & Comp. He'll probably be completely fine with that.
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