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Problems loading the free Roland kits/sounds to TD-50

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  • Problems loading the free Roland kits/sounds to TD-50

    Roland sent me two emails with some free kits and sounds; the artist tuned kits. Nothing mind-blowing if the video is any indication, but it's my first time trying to load sounds onto an e-kit, so why not? I load them onto my SD card from my computer, put it in the TD-50, press the "SD card" button, load, and... nothing. "SD card error" or some such. This card has never been used until today. With my rudimentary understanding of e-kits, this is pretty frustrating. All of the files on the card are "td0" files, an extension I've never seen before, but I'm assuming is indigenous to Roland modules. Any help here is appreciated.

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    Now I tried using the "backup" file that came with it, and hilariously, it tells me "no backup data!" So, I can get the SD to work now, but I can't get these things on my module. I'm in over my head.
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