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TD-20 Direct Out Mapping

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  • TD-20 Direct Out Mapping

    I recently purchased a used TD-20 kit in really good shape and am working on tweaking it for live performances. Here is my question...

    Is it possible to send the Head instrument and the Rim instrument of the same pad to separate Direct Out channels? For example, on TOM1, I have '191 12"Maple T1' set as the Head instrument and '397 Cowbell Lo' set as the Rim instrument. I would like to send the Head instrument to Direct Out #5 and the Rim instrument (cowbell) to Direct Out #8. I have similar "non-drum" instruments assigned to the rims of my other toms also and would like to do the same sort of alternate mapping with them.

    Seems in the Owner's Manual that both the Head and Rim pad triggers are tightly coupled and sent to the same Direct Out channel, but I'm hoping there is a way to separate them, other than using Y adapters and sending them to Aux. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated,