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  • Help-I am new to this

    hi everyone-I was a professional drummer in past Yrs. Due to my career, I had to give up my drumming, and of course life happens. After loosing my one and only this past winter to cancer, I have decided to go back to my roots of drumming(man I AM rusty!) to help deal with the grief. I just purchased the Roland TD25-VKX. I love the kit, but learning all the parameters of the pads can be quite overwhelming. My biggest problem right now is HOW do I assign the cross stick(woodblocks sound) as one would use on a slow song to the snare RIM and the regular snare sound to the pad head. It appears that this canít be done. Can you guys offer me some help on this. Is is possible to assign 2different sounds to the snare: one for the rim, one for the head? Or will I have to add another pad for the cross stick function. I canít seem to find the answer. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

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    this might be somewhere on here.. you can do a search on this forum too.. there's a lot of knowledge by now.. ..and best..

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