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BIGROCK TD10..... not on TD20?

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  • BIGROCK TD10..... not on TD20?

    Coming from an old TD10, I used only one kit, and that was the BigRock kit. Now I have a TD20x on hand, and I love the new dynamics it offers (wow) but the kits are ridiculously bland.

    Is there any way on earth to get that BigRock kit from the TD10 onto the TD20x? I think not, as the instrument samples are different. I couldn't find an equal sounding Kick drum, or Snare.


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    TD-10 kits cannot be converted to the 20 format. (different sound boards and engines) You would have to recreate the kit from scratch, and attempt to match it as best possible.
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      Thanks Alan. I got fairly close. The issue that I am having now, is that the TD 20 for the most part is sounding very compressed and almost seems to distort with every crash, splash or hard kick drum beat. I messed around with the compressor settings and canít get it to improve. I need to keep experimenting.