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Noise eater only for the base drum?

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  • Noise eater only for the base drum?

    I got a roland td-11k. I'm living in an apartment building, and I'm concerned from the vibrations through the floors to my downstairs neighbors. Should i use a drum eater/insulation for the base drum only or for my whole kit?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Minimally you'll need to address the bass as it is most closely coupled to the floor. Then it's not a bad idea to address the rack. There are some really good threads on addressing noise and vibration transfer on the forum (i.e. especially related to building platforms to virtually eliminate the energy transfer)... so I would start with a basic search first (search terms: noise isolation platform; tennis ball riser, etc.) Here's a few links to get you going....

    Here's a video link if you don't like reading:
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        1 noise eater ne-1 under each rack foot and I don't get any complaints from people sleeping below. They are not directly under me but no complaints. Less x talk and a nice little lift (I'm tall) to the rack so I love them. They fit perfectly on Roland rack feet. Can be clumsy on the back legs of a HH stand or BD legs. They weren't great when I had my KD-120. Eventually took them off 4 Kick and 2 HH legs and put under rack legs to greater effect. I modded my rack to include an extra leg so I have 1 extra in case. Obviously you can do it all and get the ne-10 for pedals but you can quickly be at $450 with 3 of those if you use double Kick + $125-$200 for ne-1's for BD and HH legs and another $116 for the rack = $766 max w/o tax and shipping.

        Good price for 4 I thought below on Amazon and looks like free shipping:

        Maybe start there.