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CY-15R Ride Repair: NAILED IT, first try!

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  • CY-15R Ride Repair: NAILED IT, first try!

    Hey Folks,

    Was having an issue with my CY-15R Ride pad not triggering bell until I really cranked on it. Once I cranked on it and got it to trigger, the bow was also triggering the bell.

    So... I watched a couple videos on it and found what seemed to be a simple repair by applying a layer of tape over bell sensor to created better contact between sensor and rubber. Si I add a layer of tape, and then I took it a step further (with much trepidation, BTW) and I covered the inside of the ribber skin with baby powder to get rid of the tackiness from the glue. In doing this, putting the skin back on was SOOOO much easier AAAAND the pad now plays wonderfully.

    Oh, and the tape I used was Gaffer tape.

    If anything changes I'll be sure to update this post.

    Hope this helps someone.


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