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FD 8 Actuator

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  • FD 8 Actuator

    Okay, this is my first post here. I picked up some TD 9 drums recently and I really love them BUT the hihat went, always open. Went online and saw a few videos on how to fix and replace.
    So, in Hong Kong I order an actuator. No problem but then I watch the video again and I need grease? It didn't come with grease or instructions. Nobody at Roland will reply to any emails, neither will Tom Lee in Hong Kong (The Roland Distributor)

    So, anyone who has fixed an actuator-can you tell me what type of grease I need? Is it silicone grease? There are a tonne of different grease types.


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    I used vasoline petroleum jelly. The third sticky from the top of the Technical forum has a lot of information on all of the FD8 fixes. Good luck!
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      There are a few ways to get flexibility back. I covered mine in vacoline and put it in a warm place to absorb it. I kept rubbing it in for a couple of days and bent the rubber until flexible again. No need to be trying to contact Roland as all quite simple. The pedal is really easy to take apart as well.
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        Thanks, I used vaseline in the end on a new actuator. Nobody in HK representing Roland was any help at all. Cheers, this is a great forum.