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Dumb question about cymbal triggers

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  • Dumb question about cymbal triggers

    I'm looking at Roland CY-8. It says it's dual-zone and is chokeable. I would like to trigger Addictive Drums 2 via MIDI. On the AD2 sets, cymbal choking is accomplished by hitting a note near the regular note (i.e. auditioning on a MIDI keyboard).

    So I'm wondering how these triggers work with MIDI and/or a generic trigger module like the DDTI. Are there really 3 signal outputs? Or is the choking feature done by some special circuit in the matching drum module? I only have a DDTI at the moment along with some rubber pads and just added a mesh snare. Don't have any "cymbals" yet. I would like to see if I can get something working with AD2, mostly because I already have those things and would like to get some mileage out of them.

    For ride I'd be interested in bell/bow at least, although I just saw a demo of a 3-zone Yamaha cymbal that adds choking also which looks rad. The more the merrier all the way around.
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    The MIDI is all generated by the module and not the Pad.
    The CY-8 pad is a Piezo-Switch type pad; It has a single Piezo and a switch consisting of two strips along the edge of the Cymbal.
    When you hit the Bow, only the Piezo is detected with the Switch open, and the Bow sound is selected by the module, and the MIDI Note associated with the Bow is generated.
    When you hit the Edge, the Piezo is detected with the Switch closed, and the Edge sound is selected by the module, and the MIDI Note associated with the Edge is generated.
    When you Choke the Edge, the Switch is closed and is detected after the Piezo, so the module detects this late switch close as the Choke, and sends the MIDI Off to stop the Cymbal - bow or edge.
    You should look at the MIDI Implementation Document for your module.

    Three zone Ride cymbals have one Piezo and two Switches, one for the edge and one for the bell.


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      OK, well that's very interesting if that's the way they work. Reviewing the DDTI manual, it does not appear that there is any way to differentiate between an edge hit and a choke. Each trigger input (there are 20) can be set for either piezo or a switch. I figure if I really want to implement a cymbal choke with AD2 then I could wire a little push button switch to one of the unused trigger inputs and set it to send the proper note for a choke. Not being a drummer I have no idea when you would use a choke creatively but I'm reasonably certain that some drummers can play an entire show without doing one. Seems most useful for those dramatic sudden stop kinda things.


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        See AD2 Manual Page 44.

        If you enable the Chokes in the Cymbal Chokes Tab, it should recognize the MIDI signal generated by the DDTi for the after touch on the CY-8 and choke the sound.

        See DDTi Manual Page 20

        CY-8 should be configured as PS.

        You need to use a TRS cable to connect the CY-8 to the DDTi.


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          Most songs do not use Chokes at all. Some that do, off the top of my head:

          Queen - Somebody To Love -
          other Queen songs
          Van Halen - Running With The Devil


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            I think Rush "Xanadu" has a bunch of cymbal chokes in it. I will play that today and let you know how it goes (cough)