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VH-11 Question

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  • VH-11 Question

    Hey all,

    I have a question regarding the VH-11 Hi-hat I am using with a TD-12 module.

    The issue I seem to be having is that I adjust and calibrate the hi-hat to get it how I want it to sound, I have just enough distance between the hi-hat and the sensor to give a nice crisp sound and the closed sound works fine. But when I turn off the module and come back to play it again, the hi-hat sounds completely open, like I'm just hitting the top cymbal of a hi-hat without it at all touching the bottom cymbal. So I have to then loosen the clutch, drop the hi-hat so it touches the sensor and then lift it back up to the right height and then it sounds perfect again. I have to do this everytime I turn it off and then on again.

    I'm assuming this shouldn't happen and that it should save the sound from when I last played it? I bought the drums new a while back and it has always done this as far as I remember, I just never really looked into it since it was only a minor thing, but curious if anyone knows why this is happening? I have calibrated it several times, the module has been reset and so on.


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    You don't have your foot on the pedal, pressed down, when you turn on the module I hope?
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      Nope, the hi-hat is left as it is, I don't touch it.

      When I go to the calibration screen on the module after first turning it on, the arrow on the scale indicating the height of the hi-hat is all the way to the top, it seems to think it is completely open, so I have to drop the hi-hat and recalibrate it each time.