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TD-50 Timpani Tuning help needed

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  • TD-50 Timpani Tuning help needed

    TD-50 Timpani Tuning help needed

    Today, 08:47 AM
    Hi guys,
    I've been booked to do a musical soon for an Am-Dram company and need to have a LOT of timpani sounds! On my TD-30 I found that a semitone was +/- 10 on the pitch dial, however on the TD-50 it's different and I'm struggling to find out what the intervals are! Does anyone with a much better ear than me know what the intervals are on the TD-50?
    Thanks so much
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    i don't know.. but what i would do is (if i needed to know pitch vs note) is .. measure the sound freq with this app
    then read the frequency of the timpani sound .. and look it up on this freq chart .. you can also see any interval.. yes, i know .. but it is a way to find out ..

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