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Question for people using a Buttkicker tactile shaker with a pro audio amplifier.

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  • Question for people using a Buttkicker tactile shaker with a pro audio amplifier.

    So anyone who uses a buttkicker or has researched getting one should know, the company hasn't been actively making an amplifier that drummers would use with that product. They had reliability issues and discontinued the old while also have major setbacks with the replacement design. This forces drummers to use pro audio amplifiers and pickings are slim. But that's not the issue I am having. I get a clipping signal when I use any pro audio amplifier with the buttkicker concert.

    I'm making more than enough RMS wattage to power the unit and it will shake pretty hard but its simply not possible unless the amp is clipping. And I am currently running from a pearl mimic to Behringer Xenyx 502 to supply the signal to the power amp which is a Behringer EP4000 running a single channel which is rated at 1250 watts RMS into a 2ohm load which I have tested with a multi meter to make sure is the correct value. The mixer is not clipping. Never. But the power amp does. This was repeatable with a peavey power amp and another Behringer nx3000D and nx3000.

    There is absolutely zero setting that I have found that will provide a detectable vibration from the transducer without the power amp clipping light going off. The amp never overheats. Both companies of both products claim due to the design of the products this wont hurt either given its not a speaker and the current creates a magnetic field that powers a piston there is nothing to break there.

    I have found other users that have this same experience but none of us can explain why this would be. I've never had the power amp shut down or go into protection nor has the transducer overheated. Its just strange to me because I used the mini units for while and they never clipped the power amp. But the amp was made for the transducer. Anyone have any ideas what is going on? It works great other than the mini dance party going on with that LED blinking all the time.