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TD11 to power amp, am i doing it right? what do i need to improve sound?

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  • TD11 to power amp, am i doing it right? what do i need to improve sound?


    I started drumming a little while ago and I usually play solo wearing headphones.
    I wanted to go out and start playing with friends. So I bought a (really cheap) ross mega amp 800 power amp and 2 400W ross speakers (in good condition).
    picture of the back: https://medias.audiofanzine.com/images/normal/ross-mega-amp-800-1076949.jpg

    I play a TD11, now I'm just not sure if I'm connecting it right.

    I take my mono out and connect it directly to the power amp, input A and set it to mono. I use a guitar cable (kinch to kinch) to make the connection
    The sound is not very loud, I need to crank the TD11 volume all the way open to get an ok sound, is that normal?

    Is there a way to improve this, more concrete my questions?
    1. do Iuse the right cable?
    2. do I use the correct connections
    3. would stereo improve sound (adding another cable to input B on the amp)
    4. Are there any settings in the TD11 module I could play with to improve sound (prefereably not every drum set separately)
    5. Another element I was thinking about is, since there is no EQ (and i get a really poor base sound), of adding a small mixer that has a 3 way equalizer, anything in particular I should look out for (connectors, specs?) ? Or is there another way to get better sound, more control, louder volume?.

    Any advise is welcome, I'm a true amateur when it comes to sound hardware, as you might detect

    thanks in advance.


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    You should get some kind of pre-amplification before going to the power amp. A small mixer would do, just get something with a line level input and a gain pot. I don't know your budget, but there are some decent behringer mixers eg., and getting a used should keep the cost down. Using a stereo connection is the standard, but mono can do the job if you prefer.

    Since there will be more points of voulme control, make sure not to crank any of them too high to avoid distortion. Having the power amp volume at 75%, the module around 50% and master on the mixer at 0dB (unity) is a good start, then adjust the gain and input of the mixer, again trying to avoid peaking.
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