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TD-30 Click Question

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  • TD-30 Click Question

    Yet another TD-30 question I got really used to pressing one button on my TD-15 to turn the metronome click on and off. It was so convenient for practicing. Is there not a one touch (shortcut) click on the TD-30 instead of having to press shift tempo or tempo F5? I use a metronome function so much and sometimes for only 15 or 20 seconds, it's a hassle having to reach over to access two buttons .
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    F5 is the only button you need to hit if the tempo is set and up at the beginning of the song. It would be nice to have that be a foot switch function (on/off) as an option ... . I migrated to the 50 and you can have tempo specific to each kit. I've found that it's pretty easy to use on the 50.
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      Foot switch would be great