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VH-11 Problem : Edge not triggering

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  • VH-11 Problem : Edge not triggering

    I just bought a VH-11 (second hand) but the rim (edge) is not triggering, when i hit on the edge, the tip (center) is registered
    I asked the guy I bought the cymbal about this issue and he told it always acted like that from day, so he thought the VH11 was a 1 zone pad

    I opened the Cymbal and I could find 2 triggers, 1 piezo glued underneath that works perfectly fine, this one is for the tip zone I guess.
    And there is this other trigger for the edge, a long metallic band. This one does not work at all.

    I don't know what's broken, is the band broken, even if it looks perfectly fine, or is it on of the PCB boards that is malfunctioning ?
    I'm new to this

    Here are some pictures

    If anyone can help
    Thank you
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    I have the same problem, it's either the pcb, cable or jack input.
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      You can try carefully reseating the connector of the edge connecter: 1st picture, carefully lift the small strip to release the connector. Perhaps clean with a bit of alcohol, reseat and press the strip down again.
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        With a multimeter set to test continuity, touch the probes on the protruding metal parts of the black and brown wires on the edge board and press the edge ribbon. If there's no continuity the edge sensor is dead. If there is, now check for continuity between the black and brown wires and sleeve and ring of the input jack (try different combinations because I don't know the corresponding connections). Lastly, plug in a cable and touching the probes on ring and sleeve, press the ribbon. These tests should tell you where the connection is failing.


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          These Cymbals are Piezo/Switch Type.
          When you hit the pad, head or rim, the Piezo senses the hit.
          When you hit the rim, the long metallic band acts as a switch and is closed.
          When the Piezo senses the hit, and the rim switch is open, it is detected as a bow hit.
          When the Piezo senses the hit, and the rim switch is closed, it is detected as an edge hit.
          Therefore, it is most likely that the switch is not closing properly when the edge is hit.