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TD-50 WAV File Triggering a 20 Second File Possible ?

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  • TD-50 WAV File Triggering a 20 Second File Possible ?

    Im a Newbie, So hello to Ya'll

    I have a TD-50 Module and V drum set up I Play LIVE , Being im a FT Firefighter in Boston We Play a song Dedicated to Firefighters. I would Like to TRIGGER a FIRE TRUCK Siren in the middle of the song by hitting the BT-1 Trigger. I Loaded the WAV File into the TD and Then Linked it to AUX 1 ( BT-1 Trigger ) , When you hit the trigger it plays about 1 Second on the file, Is there a way to Make this work ??

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    So I guess there is NO answer to this ?? I would say Just delete the post


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      See your manual. You can load a sample that's up to 3 minutes. Sounds like you have the start/stop regions wrong.
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        Thanks Alan , Yup It worked ! Thanks so much for the reply