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New KD-140 “skips”

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  • New KD-140 “skips”

    I have a TD-25 kit - upgraded w a new TD-50 module (been using it at home only for the past six months) -i decided to upgrade the kd-9 with a new KD-140 bass drum - love it - sounds great - no trigger issues.

    Took the whole kit out this weekend for a new years eve gig - now all the sudden im having issuse with bass drum.

    Im playing a simple 4/4 beat and occasionaly it simply doesnt trigger - i noticed that it does it more if im hitting the hh and a crash at the same time .... it has never done this at home.

    i triple checked all my cables to make sure they are in - replaced the kick cable just to make sure that was not the issue.

    i get back home and set up again to practice and now i have no issues ....???

    is it possible that the loud live monitor mix (heavy subs) are causing “threshold/masking” or other issues ?

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    XTalk. (cross-talk) It's in your manual. When you change floor conditions, XTalk will change. You need to adjust it for the current setup and condition.

    Additionally, ensure you have the latest TD-50 firmware update installed. As you were not experiencing loss at home, I assume you already have the latest version.
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      thanks for the feed back Alan....yes, I do have updated firmware - and you did hit on something that I didn't think about - at home my kit is normally set up on a 1/2 thick rubber pad (tractor supply $34.99 - AWESOME) and that rubber pad sits on a well padded carpet floor - very little to no vibration.....the gig I played this weekend was on a portable stage and was a little 'shaky' - wasn't the ideal situation but I survived without falling over LOL - I have never had to adjust anything in relation to xtalk / sensitivity/ threshold etc...its just terms that ive heard other drummers throw out there when it comes to electronic kits...- I guess im lucky that mine has always been good to go but im def going to experiment with that and at least if it starts acting up again ill have an idea of what direction to go...I really appreciate the info sir