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Mimic and Touchmix Config Help

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  • Mimic and Touchmix Config Help

    A little help from MP & Touchmix users. Just got the TM16 and I've been playing with it. I have the SUB connected to aux1 and SPEAKERS aux2/aux3 respectively.

    For stereo, the MP is connected to TM13/14 and it sounds great.

    Now I want to control the individual pads on MP and something is not right. With the db25, I'm using inputs 1-8 on TM, using the built in presets for each input. For some reason the Kick bleeds into aux2 speaker thru OH channels 7/8, but not on aux3 speaker. Additionally, from the main menu, the sliders do not work, but the mute for each input does. Any configuration ideas or clue as to what I haven't done correctly?

    Sidenote, what does "GAS or GASed" mean?

    Thx in advance
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