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Roland TD-17kl uneven hihat response

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  • Roland TD-17kl uneven hihat response

    Hi, I'm new on this forum, but I've read lot of posts here....

    I bought a roland td17kl (brand new) the last month; I wasn't able to use or test it as much as I would like so I'm having some surprises...

    The one that's anoying me is the fact that the hi hat (cy-5), is louder on the left side of the rubber pad than the right side. The middle it's ok, I'm talking about the area near the end of the rubber, the edges of it. The design of it is symetrical and the piezo is in the middle, so it doesn't make sense. I'm a begginer drummer so, at some point it could be, that when I turn my wrist to hit the right side I'm losing strenght and the left side sounds louder because it's more easy to me to play that part. It's more noticeable when I play with the side of the stick to trigger the rim sound. When I play the bow it's more even I guess. I've tryied lot of settings, but I think it is the nature of the cymbal.

    Now, first I'm a guitar player, so drums are something really wierd to me. I would like to ask you drummers here, if this thing it's normal or expected... because for example: I know that the snare (pdx8) has the piezo on one side so the bottom of the mesh head sounds louder compared to the top, and that's not a problem. I don't wan't to buy other cy5 to realize it has the same thing going on. One think that I've seen is that the rubber pad feels thicker on the side that's quieter, maybe it has more glue under it...

    what do you think guys? have you seen something like this? It's something that one would expect? what would you do?

    I will apreciate your help, thanks!

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    wait, So basically you feel if the hi-hat sound on TD-17KL has several areas if you hit the area has a weak sound or what?