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Roland TM-2 and Footswitch question

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  • Roland TM-2 and Footswitch question

    Hi everyone. New here, appreciate all the amazing advice available.
    I have a TM-2 and was wondering if thereís a way to use a footswitch (assuming Midi type as no specific F/S input in theTM-2) to change between kits. Like if I have a song that need to use two different kit sounds for two different parts. I have an SPD SX also and know I could do it there, but I donít use it for triggering my kick and snare, I use the TM-2 for that and have already adapted many songs specifically using the TM-2 and the SPD SX for other applications.
    We just have a new song where switching the kick and snare sounds dramatically would be really cool. There isnít space enough in the song structure to manually switch the kits myself between the parts..

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    well, you could connect midi in TM2 to midi out SPD and use prgm change.. it would follow prg up and down of SPD..
    if you turn prg chg 'on' it says on page 14..
    but this would require some 'smart' order of programs .. to not mess up the rest of the set list..
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      Yup. Either program change via the SPD, either sequenced of via a pad if that's possible, or use a MIDI foot controller into the TM. I use a Yamaha MFC10
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        Thank you very much guys! I suspected after some manual reading that the midi footswitch idea could be solution but always reassuring to have confirmation from others more experienced. Thanks again.