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recording/sampling a phrase/loop from SPD-30 to PC/laptop

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  • recording/sampling a phrase/loop from SPD-30 to PC/laptop

    Please give me some direction on how going about doing this. I have Roland SPD-30 and a laptop. I want to create a phrase/loop from SPD-30 and recording/sampling onto PC/laptop and save as wave files to be used in Roland TM-2. Can I hook up SPD-30 onto PC/laptop using USB cable, what easy software to use to capture a clean loop/phrase? thanks.

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    some years back i would not have advised this .. but now this software has improved to a point where you can
    zoom in to cut good loop points and such .. so, you could try record with this free editor..


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      it's been a while since I used it for recording, but Im 99% sure you can't record audio thru usb on the spd30, USB is only for transmitting MIDI if I remember correctly. So you'll need an interface. I used an M Audio guitar track. Then it was just easier for me to sample the octapad(or anything) directly onto my SX. That was and still is my main way of doing it.

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        thanks roving drummer, i sold my spd-sx it sat in my closet for almost 3 years so i decided to get rid of it.