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CY-12r/c on an old TD8

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  • CY-12r/c on an old TD8

    Hi there.

    I have an old TD-8 and a CY-12r/c (it has two jack sockets on the cymbal underside and a choke rubber type switch around the edge)

    There seems to be no mention in the manual of this cymbal, I assume as it is more modern.

    I have tried wiring it in a fair few ways to try and access just the bell and bow. it works quite well on the snare input, but i need that
    snare port for my mesh snare drum.

    I wonder is there a trick to wire this up to access bell and bow on an older TD8?

    thanks for your help.
    : )
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    i updated the software to 1.1 although i can't see a list of changes. I read in an updated td8 manual that the user has to hit a bit harder on the bell area to trigger it ( but i like to play gently much of the time. light and shade) and select profile CY1 for the cymbal. i've tried all types of instruments. however it does not seem too good. It might not be the best choice for a td-8 unless i am missing something?